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Location, Location, Location

The cutting edge of real estate listings remains the use of drones to photograph or film a property. Embracing this technology could be one thing that sets your listings apart. Drone photography offers versatile and creative ways to capture a property—and the attention of homebuyers. 


Save Time and Money

Farmers can take advantage of UAVs to reduce the variable cost of manually getting their farms inspected, as drones can reach niche areas in half the amount of time that manual labor would take. Farmers can also use UAVs for pest and blight identification, crop health and weed identification, and agriculture applications such as fertilizer, pesticides, and water distribution. Once a "mission" is created for your location, photos and videos can be taken from the exact locations every time to allow easy comparison and a lower cost after the initial visit.

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Save time and money

Aerial imaging can save a lot of time and money by quickly and safely providing perspectives from above. With a map defined by GPS coordinates, areas and objects can be easily measured and quantified with drones, which otherwise would take a ground survey team several days to cover. Architects, construction site owners, mining engineers, shipping and infrastructure professionals, and more can greatly benefit from aerial imagery.`Once a "mission" is created for your location, photos and videos can be taken from the exact locations every time to allow easy comparison and a lower cost after the initial visit.

  • Roof inspection

  • Industrial safety inspections

  • Monitor construction site progress


Add impact to your story with aerial imagery.

  • Aerial Hyper lapse or time lapse

  • Frame rates to 120 fps 

  • 1080p-6K resolutions 

    Give your creation punch with some epic b-roll



Passion for beauty and accuracy

Valley Airworx was founded by an engineer of a medical imaging company who is also an avid aerial landscape photographer.
Our company mission is to provide a services that combine creative vision and design sense with the technical expertise and tools to provide superb aerial imaging at a reasonable price. The technology for aerial imaging is growing in leaps and bounds. The tools available today, not available just a decade ago, can provide customers with truly superb and epic visions at surprisingly low prices.



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